Definition of Political detainee

1. Noun. Some held in custody.

Exact synonyms: Detainee
Generic synonyms: Captive, Prisoner
Derivative terms: Detain

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Literary usage of Political detainee

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Throwing Away the Key: Indefinite Political Detention in Syria by Aziz Abu-Hamad, Andrew Whitley (1992)
"Since ordinary laws of prisons do not apply, the political detainee may not be allowed visitation or access to luxuries such as books, magazines or radio.14 ..."

2. Cutting Off the Serpent's Head: Tightening Control in Tibet, 1994-1995 by Tibet Information Network, Robert Barnett, Human Rights Watch/Asia, Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1996)
"The term "political detainee" or "political prisoner" used here is not accepted by the Chinese authorities, who maintain that no one can be detained solely ..."

3. The Human Rights Watch Global Report on Prisons by Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch (Organization, Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1993)
"... prison one occupant of a punishment cell told us that she had been held there for five months, and a political detainee said that she had been confined ..."

4. Abdication of Responsibility: The Commonwealth and Human Rights by Human Rights Watch (Organization), Human Rights Watch (Organization (1991)
"... of involvement in an unsuccessful rebellion, is now believed to be Africa's longest-serving political detainee following the release of Nelson Mandela. ..."

5. Black Student Politics, Higher Education & Apartheid: From SASO to SANSCO by Saleem Badat (1999)
"... activist and political detainee by Lebowa bantustan police also sparked extensive protests. Finally, protest and commemoration meetings and ..."

6. Human Rights Watch World Report 1992 by Human Rights Watch (Organization (1991)
"Paul Amina, a freelance journalist and former political detainee, was arrested on August 16 at the International Press Center in Nairobi and detained for ..."

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