Definition of Political party

1. Noun. An organization to gain political power. "In 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"

Definition of Political party

1. Noun. A political organization that subscribes to a certain ideology and seeks to attain political power through representation in government. ¹

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Literary usage of Political party

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1913)
"STOWERS strued as Inhibiting the voter from voting for two candidates representing the same political party, and ballots prepared In violation of this ..."

2. Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin by Public Affairs Information Service (1920)
"Woman Citizen 4:1174-7+ Ap 24 •20 Proposal for a new political party. Winston Churchill. Liv Age 302:641-6 S 13 '19 See also Labor parties From a lecture ..."

3. State Government in the United States by Arthur Norman Holcombe (1916)
"Such a definition, however, does not meet the needs of the situation, if the political party is to be formally recognized by law. Legal recognition of the ..."

4. Political parties in the United States, 1846-1861 by Jesse Macy (1900)
"\The political party may be described as an organ of public opinion. ... The political faction does not become the political party ..."

5. American Politics (non-partisan) from the Beginning to Date: Embodying a by Thomas Valentine Cooper (1892)
"... an aggressive political party on the basis of theories which all great political economists have from the beginning antagonized as unsafe and unsound. ..."

6. An Introduction to Political Parties and Practical Politics by Perley Orman Ray (1913)
"A political (i) A political party is an organization. If every citizen acted upon political questions as a dissociated party is atom, there could be no ..."

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