Definition of Pork loin

1. Noun. Meat from a loin of pork.

Group relationships: Porc, Pork
Generic synonyms: Cut Of Pork
Terms within: Canadian Bacon

Definition of Pork loin

1. Noun. A cut of pig meat from along the top of the rib cage ¹

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Literary usage of Pork loin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Stone-Millis Arithmetics by John Charles Stone, James Franklin Millis (1911)
"Native Hind Quarter Lamb per Ib 160 Short Leg of Lamb per Ib 18i* Loin or Rib Lamb Chops per Ib 22^ pork loin Roast per Ib 18^ Beef Tenderloin per Ib 22? ..."

2. Text-book of Meat Hygiene: With Special Consideration of Antemortem and by Richard Heinrich Edelmann (1919)
"pork loin with back fat left on back, strapped and end squared off. Clear Loin Back.—Cut like a regular loin back, but the hack bone and short ribs removed. ..."

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