Definition of Power politics

1. Noun. Diplomacy in which the nations threaten to use force in order to obtain their objectives.

Exact synonyms: Gunboat Diplomacy
Generic synonyms: Diplomacy, Diplomatic Negotiations

Definition of Power politics

1. Noun. Politics with power. ¹

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Literary usage of Power politics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Right Makes Might: Freedom and Power in the Information Age by David C. Gompert (1998)
"... Freedom and Power in the Information Age Globalization and power politics: T JL A Synthesis ... "^ * ~ One World— Two Explanations esting the hypothesis ..."

2. The New Detente: Rethinking East-West Relations by Mary Kaldor, Gerard Holden, Richard A. Falk (1989)
"In two world wars, the ideology of balance-of-power politics, of colonial empires, and of national interests and spheres of interest had broken down. ..."

3. National Negotiating Styles edited by Hans Binnendijk (1987)
"National Strategies and Tactics: The Power-Politics Tradition Grandeur According to Harold Nicolson, there are two main currents of diplomacy. ..."

4. The United Nations System: The Policies of Member States by Chadwick F. Alger, Gene Martin Lyons, John E. Trent (1995)
"Needless to say, power politics and national interests may also motivate states, on occasion, to work together for common purposes. But, for most states, ..."

5. Dealignment: A New Foreign Policy Perspective by Mary Kaldor, Richard A. Falk, Gerard Holden (1987)
"Reference was made to the dominant role of major powers in world affairs, especially the resurgence of big power politics and the emergence of a new ..."

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