Definition of Power saw

1. Noun. A power tool for cutting wood.

Exact synonyms: Saw, Sawing Machine
Specialized synonyms: Band Saw, Bandsaw, Chain Saw, Chainsaw, Buzz Saw, Circular Saw, Gangsaw, Fretsaw, Jigsaw, Scroll Saw, Jigsaw, Reciprocating Saw, Saber Saw, Sawmill
Generic synonyms: Power Tool
Terms within: Tooth
Derivative terms: Saw

Definition of Power saw

1. Noun. Any of various types of saw now usually powered by electricity. ¹

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Literary usage of Power saw

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Grand Rapids and Its Industries by Dwight Goss (1906)
"In 1882 CC Corn- stock built a steam power saw mill on the bank of the river ... CF Nason had for many years a steam power saw mill a little north of the ..."

2. Mechanical World and Engineering Record (1881)
"... aluminium casing, and having a 4 to 1 reduction ratio giving a final sprocket speed of approximately 1500 rpm. Tins "one-man" pneumatic power saw is pow ..."

3. Centennial Edition of the Fourth Annual Report of the State Board of by Kansas State Board of Agriculture, Kansas Board of Centennial Managers (1876)
"Rock Creek township, water-power saw and flouring mill, capital $2000. Mill Creek township, water-power saw mill and steam saw mill, combined capital $1400; ..."

4. Clay Products Cyclopedia, Containing Important Information for Every (1922)
"A power saw automatically lifts the blade on the return stroke. A power saw needs no attention after it once starts on a cut, as the material to be cut is ..."

5. The Horseless Age (1899)
"The writer would therefore suggest the power saw, of which there are several ... The power saw. which has a reciprocating movement similar to a hand hacksaw ..."

6. History of Kent County, Michigan: Together with Sketches of Its Cities by Chas. C. Chapman & Co, Michael A. Leeson, Edith Lamsen (1881)
"Burnham's mill, built in 1860, is a small water-power saw-mill, ... John Stonehouse erected a water-power saw-mill in 1863 on section 25, Alpine, ..."

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