Definition of Power tool

1. Noun. A tool driven by a motor.

Definition of Power tool

1. Noun. A tool powered by a motor. ¹

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Literary usage of Power tool

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Organization and Management: Part I: Business Organization; Part II by Lee Galloway (1913)
"... so that the girl could be seated and still go from one machine to another by pushing the chair. 85. Transmission of power. Tool room. ..."

2. Organization, Correspondence, Transportation: Part I: Business Organization by Lee Galloway, George Burton Hotchkiss, James Mavor (1910)
"Transmission of power. Tool room. Store rooms.—If the factory uses electrical power it is considered the best arrangement to group the light machinery ..."

3. HVAC and Chemical Resistance Handbook for the Engineer and Architect: A Tom Arimes by Tom Arimes (1994)
"Most coatings applied by the fan manufacturer receive a combination of solvent, hand tool and power tool cleaning. This procedure removes all oil, dirt, ..."

4. Hearing Loss Research at NIOSH: Reviews of Research Programs of the National by Institute of Medicine (U. S.) (2006)
"This work may not be well recognized by the power tool industry. The website for the power tool Institute, whose members include major manufacturers of ..."

5. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-1997 by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"Many home appliance and power tool repairers work a standard 40-hour week. Some work early mornings, evenings, and Saturdays. During hot weather, repairers ..."

6. U. S. Industrial Outlook, 1994: Business Forecasts for 350 IndustriesBusiness & Economics (1994)
"The near term performance of the power tool industry hinges on sales of new and ... Home centers draw an increasing percentage of their power tool business ..."

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