Definition of Professional dancer

1. Noun. A performer who dances professionally.

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Literary usage of Professional dancer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Workers of the Nation: An Encyclopedia of the Occupations of the American by Gilson Willets (1903)
"... Performance Houses—Vaudeville Performers—Organizations of Vaudeville Performers —Dramatic Schools and Training for the Stage—The professional dancer—The ..."

2. The American History and Encyclopedia of Music by Janet M. Green, Josephine Thrall (1908)
"A female professional dancer or dancing teacher. ballerino (bal-lè-rë'-nô) It. n. A male professional dancer or dancing teacher. ..."

3. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-1997 by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"A college education is not essential to obtaining employment as a professional dancer. In fact, ballet dancers who postpone their first audition until ..."

4. Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1921)
"... that in one instance an employee of the Folsom Company who was also a professional dancer who secured engagements at public dance halls was repeatedly ..."

5. The Antique Greek Dance, After Sculptured and Painted Figures by Maurice Emmanuel (1916)
"The new Nike is a professional dancer ; her poses are elegant, her arms take on the most gracious curves (Figs. Hi. 152, 253). ..."

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