Definition of Professionalisation

1. Noun. The social process whereby people come to engage in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood. "The professionalization of warfare"

Exact synonyms: Professionalization
Generic synonyms: Social Process
Derivative terms: Professionalize, Professionalize

Definition of Professionalisation

1. Noun. (alternative spelling of professionalization) ¹

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professionalisation (current term)

Literary usage of Professionalisation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Career Guidance and Public Policy: Bridging the Gap by Richard Sweet (2004)
"professionalisation can have advantages in raising and maintaining the quality of ... However a high degree of professionalisation. particularly when ..."

2. The Future of Privacy by Perri 6 (1998)
"Here we consider briefly the professionalisation of the computer industry and a ... professionalisation in computing New professions in information and ..."

3. State of the Nation: South Africa 2003-2004 by John Daniel, Adam Habib, Roger Southall (2004)
"This has been encouraged by donors who sometimes fund such partnerships, and who regularly advocate for the professionalisation and commercialisation of ..."

4. Disability and Social Change: A South African Agenda by Brian Watermeyer (2007)
"In our experience, the professionalisation of assistance to parents of disabled children is a disempowering experience for parents, in much the same way ..."

5. The Markets for Electronic Information Services in the European Economic by Willi Bredemeier, Sabine Graumann, Werner Schwuchow, DIANE Publishing Company (1997)
"Management consultants represent a branch which has won a decisive competitive advantage over its clients by a far-reaching professionalisation of its ..."

6. Capital (1888)
"More recently, as a political strategy, he has preferred to use "decentralisation" and "professionalisation" instead of dismantling the "industrial houses ..."

7. Lifelong Learning for All: Meeting of the Education Committee at Ministerial by Albert Tuijnman (1996)
"Consequently, there are voices pointing to a need to redefine "professionalism" as a principle and "professionalisation" as a lifelong process; ..."

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