Definition of Programmers

1. Noun. (plural of programmer) ¹

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Definition of Programmers

1. programmer [n] - See also: programmer

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Literary usage of Programmers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-1997 by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"In many large organizations, programmers follow descriptions prepared by systems ... Regardless of setting, programmers write specific programs by breaking ..."

2. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1994-1995 by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"Many programmers develop packaged software. Because programmers spend lor.g periods of time in front of a computer monitor typing at a keyboard, ..."

3. National Information Systems Security '95 (18th) Proceedings: Making by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"Three of the six programmers who helped with the development of the ... The programs for each of these programmers addressed different problem domains. 6. ..."

4. Global Competitiveness of the U. S. Computer Software and Service Industriesby DIANE Publishing Company by DIANE Publishing Company (1995)
"programmers generally are paid according to the amount of time they spend on a project Thus, the labor intensity of this market segment makes labor cost a ..."

5. Altova Xmlspy 2005 User & Reference Manual by Altova (2005)
"programmers' Reference XMLSpy 2005 as an Automation Server XMLSpy 2005 is an Automation ... About programmers' Reference The documentation contained in the ..."

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