Definition of Programming language

1. Noun. (computer science) a language designed for programming computers.

Definition of Programming language

1. Noun. (programming) Code of reserved words and symbols used in computer programs, which give instructions to the computer on how to accomplish certain computing tasks. ¹

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Literary usage of Programming language

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Expanding Access to Science and Technology: The Role of Information by Ines Wesley-Tanaskovic, Jacques Tocatlian, Kenneth H. Roberts (1994)
"... we say a computer understands a programming language. Namely, it carries out instructions in the way they were intended to be carried out, ..."

2. Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS(R) Software by SAS Institute (2001)
"To build a SAS data set with base SAS software, you write a program that uses statements in the SAS programming language. A SAS program that begins with a ..."

3. Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme by Max Hailperin, Barbara Kaiser, Karl Knight (1999)
"An important open research topic in computer programming language design is to find natural ways to use richer structures of combination with state. ..."

4. A History of the Personal Computer: The People and the Technology by Roy A. Allan (2001)
"Features incorporated in the BASIC programming language were influenced by the ... Subsequently, the College put the programming language in the public ..."

5. Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation by Neil D. Jones, Carsten K. Gomard, Peter Sestoft (1993)
"The aim of this chapter is to describe partial evaluation applied to a realistic large-scale imperative programming language. We shall see that several of ..."

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