Definition of Red raspberry

1. Noun. Any of several raspberries bearing red fruit.

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Literary usage of Red raspberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Heredity by American Genetic Association (1916)
"At first the work was largely confined to the red raspberry and a number of excellent seedlings were secured from various combinations of Marlboro, ..."

2. The New International Encyclopædia by Daniel Colt Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1903)
"Both forms of red raspberry propagate readily from sprouts and root cuttings. As a result of the habit of sprouting, the patches soon present the character ..."

3. The American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge edited by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1883)
"The common wild red raspberry is found from Newfoundland to Oregon, ... In manner of growth this is very different from the red raspberry ; it makes no ..."

4. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1916)
"The acreage of this class is, at present, much less than that of the red raspberry. The Gregg, one of the first varieties of this species introduced into ..."

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