Definition of Red region

1. Noun. A place of eternal fire envisaged as punishment for the damned.

Exact synonyms: Hellfire
Generic synonyms: Hell, Infernal Region, Inferno, Nether Region, Perdition, Pit

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Literary usage of Red region

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Spectroscopy by Edward Charles Cyril Baly (1905)
"In 1880 l Abney published a map of the infra-red region of the solar spectrum from X = 7160 to X = 10000 Angstrom units, which he had obtained by ..."

2. Spectroscopy by Edward Charles Cyril Baly (1905)
"CHAPTER VIII THE EXTREME INFRA-RED AND ULTRA-VIOLET REGIONS OF THE SPECTRUM As was described in Chapter II., the existence of the infra-red region was ..."

3. Chemical Abstracts by American Chemical Society (1915)
"Convergence frequencies of 2 or more series of basis consts. or multiples of such frequencies give the absorption bands in the short-wave infra-red region. ..."

4. The Relations between chemical constitution and some physical properties by Samuel Smiles (1910)
"... -red region The relations between constitution and absorption in this region of the spectrum1 have not yet been thoroughly explored, but the data which ..."

5. Summarized Proceedings ... and a Directory of Members (1885)
"... and it was found that those plates most sensitive to daylight were in several cases the least so to gaslight. PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE INFRA-red region OF THE ..."

6. A System of Physical Chemistry by William Cudmore McCullagh Lewis, James Rice (1919)
"The absorption bands in the short infra-red region have been measured very accurately by Burmeister (Verh. d. D. phys. Ges., 15, 589 (1913)) and by E. von ..."

7. A System of Physical Chemistry by William Cudmore McCullagh Lewis, James Rice (1919)
"... vibration of atoms with respect to one another (in a manner analogous to the vibration of atoms in solids) occur in the short infra-red region, viz. ..."

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