Definition of Relational database management system

1. Noun. A database management system designed to manage a relational database.

Generic synonyms: Database Management System, Dbms

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Literary usage of Relational database management system

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Database Management Systems in Engineering by Katherine Morris (1994)
"Hence, an extended relational database management system may include some features of the object-oriented as well as relational approaches. ..."

2. Guidelines for the Evaluation of X.500 Directory Products by John Tebbutt (1996)
"S relational database management system Interface One approach to the database management aspects of DSAs has been to implement the DSA as a front-end ..."

3. GIS for Health and the Environment by Don De Savigny, Pandu Wijeyaratne (1995)
"The system incorporates the traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) functions, as well as a variety of other utilities to manage the ..."

4. Computers and Information Technologies in Agricultural Production and edited by Karl Schneider (1998)
"... frozen semen, frozen embryos, and nutrient content of feeds is maintained in integrated databases using a relational database management system. ..."

5. A Festschrift for Herman Rubin by Anirban DasGupta, Herman Rubin (2004)
"We have built a prototype of MIND in the relational database management system DB2 and have benchmarked its performance. We describe the working prototype ..."

6. SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1 Supplement for DB2 under z/OS (SAS/ACCESS for Relational by Institute SAS Institute, Sas Institute (2004)
"Referential integrity is also used to ensure that related data is not deleted or changed accidentally. relational database management system a database ..."

7. National Computer Security Conference Proceedings, 1992: Information Systems by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"Wilson, Jackson, "Views as the Security Objects in a Multilevel Secure Relational Database Management System," Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security ..."

8. Strategic Asset Management for Tertiary Institutions by Programme on Educational Building (1999)
"The system incorporates a geographical information system (CIS), as well as a relational database management system. The CIS is designed for the collection, ..."

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