Definition of Soft goods

1. Noun. Textiles or clothing and related merchandise.

Exact synonyms: Drygoods
Generic synonyms: Commodity, Good, Trade Good
Specialized synonyms: Haberdashery, Men's Furnishings, Household Linen, White Goods
Language type: Plural, Plural Form

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Literary usage of Soft goods

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time: Containing the History by John Henniker Heaton (1879)
"Riot between Custom House officials and employes of Stevenson and Sons (soft-goods merchants), Flinder's Lane, Melbourne, Apr. 15,1876. ..."

2. Kato Texts by Pliny Earle Goddard, Bill Ray (1910)
"... soft goods of all kinds, my moccasins, I say. 3. ... soft goods of all kinds, me, they will come to, I say. 9. ..."

3. Proceedings by Royal Colonial Institute (Great Britain) (1880)
"And we bring now no guns, no shooting material, and only soft goods, but ploughs. ... Now no guns and shooting material, but soft goods, beads, and wire. ..."

4. The Law Reports. Privy Council Appeals: Cases Heard and Determined by the by Herbert Cowell, Edmund F. Moore, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords (1874)
"... on business together in Sydney, imported several coses which contained soft goods, and also contained portmanteaus wherein soft goods were packed. ..."

5. Digest of Moak's English Reports: Volumes 1 to 15, Inclusive, with a List of by James Simmons, Nathaniel Cleveland Moak (1878)
"A. & В., merchants carryin g on business together in Sydney, imported several cases which contained soft goods, and also contained portmanteaus wherein soft ..."

6. Up and Down: Or, Fifty Years' Colonial Experiences in Australia, California by William Jackson Barry (1879)
"Without exaggeration, on some of the " soft-goods " I realised over 300 per cent, ... I filled the van with " soft-goods," and despatched it to the Arrow, ..."

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