Definition of Stay over

1. Verb. Stay overnight. "The boy's friends were allowed to sleep over after the birthday party"

Exact synonyms: Sleep Over
Generic synonyms: Lodge
Derivative terms: Sleepover

Definition of Stay over

1. Verb. Stay overnight in a place away from one's home, sleep over. ¹

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Literary usage of Stay over

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle: Annotated by Thomas Carlyle by Jane Welsh Carlyle, Thomas Carlyle (1903)
"I mean to leave here by the early train on Monday; stop at Dumfries to see Jean; get on to Mary's before dark; stay over Tuesday at the Gill (in expectation ..."

2. Matthias and His Impostures: Or, The Progress of Fanaticism. Illustrated in by William Leete Stone (1835)
"... commencing with the twentieth verse, and including the twenty-second— the way, we repeat, being thus prepared, we invited him to stay over the Sabbath, ..."

3. History of Hall County, Nebraska: A Narrative of the Past with Special by August F. Buechler, Robert J. Barr, Dale P. Stough (1920)
"Just as Grand Island in early days was come into Grand Island every day, transfer from one railroad to another, stay over night, or take a meal here, ..."

4. The Acts of the Apostles by Joseph Addison Alexander (1866)
"... to stay on, or stay over, remain longer than he had intended) certain (literally, some, or as the older English versions render it, a few) days. ..."

5. Trial of Charles M. Jefferds for Murder, at New York, December 1861 by Charles M. Jefferds, Charles Edwin Wilbour (1862)
"But, the murder was not committed ; and what do we fmd that the prisoner did then— he who left Mr. Betts's on Saturday to go to Delaware, to stay over the ..."

6. New Century Readers by John G. Thompson, Thomas E. Thompson (1902)
"May I stay over night in your house ?" " I am not the father of the house," answered the the old man ... He will tell you whether you may stay over night. ..."

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