Definition of Stayaways

1. stayaway [n] - See also: stayaway

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Literary usage of Stayaways

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Politicians and Apartheid: Trailing in the People's Wake by John Gardner (1997)
"Violence also surrounded work stayaways and consumer boycotts, ... Buses transporting passangers to work during stayaways were petrol-bombed. ..."

2. Managing the Monster: Urban Waste and Governance in Africa by Adepoju G. Onibokun (1999)
"Although one- off demonstrations, stayaways, strikes, and collective, violent crowd actions against specific targets were commonplace, sustained mass action ..."

3. Spirals of Suffering: Public Violence and Children by Brian Rock (1997)
"... punishments were meted out to those, usually older members of the community, who chose not to participate in economic boycotts and stayaways. ..."

4. Black Student Politics, Higher Education & Apartheid: From SASO to SANSCO by Saleem Badat (1999)
"Using the relative protection afforded to it by its pivotal position in the economic arena, COSATU launched a number of stayaways related both to immediate ..."

5. History of Channelkirk by Archibald Allan (1900)
"... refused a token by the Session on his personal application." Somerville did not ask it! Probably these ostentatious stayaways had not approved of Mr ..."

6. Violence in South Africa: A Variety of Perspectives by Elirea Bornman, René Van Eeden, Marie Wentzel (1998)
"This conflict and violence centred on such actions as rent, services and consumer boycotts, worker stayaways, disruption of schooling, protest marches and ..."

7. Women in South African History: Basus'iimbokodo, Bawel'imilambo / They by Nomboniso Gasa (2008)
"Parfitt J (1989) Industrial relations trends in the eastern Cape: Strikes and stayaways. IR Research and Topics Series (no. 3), UPE. ..."

8. Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the New York State Pharmaceutical by New York State Pharmaceutical Association (1888)
"stayaways have a poor example set for them by such people. Of course circumstances alter cases, many have business to call them out, but to those who are ..."

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