Definition of Stock cube

1. Noun. A cube of dehydrated stock.

Generic synonyms: Broth, Stock

Definition of Stock cube

1. Noun. preserved vegetable, meat or seasonings compressed and put into a cube shape ¹

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Literary usage of Stock cube

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New England Farmer by Samuel W. Cole (1858)
"... for our neat stock. CUBE FOB DOG-WOOD AND IVY POISON. In last week's Farmer I observed that it was asked by a subscriber what would cure dog-wood or ivy ..."

2. Biotechnology: Building on Farmers' Knowledge by Joske F. G. Bunders, Bertus Haverkort, Wim Hiemstra (1996)
"... processing is still carried out at domestic level, but the product's popularity has led to the development of a modern version similar to a stock cube, ..."

3. Burnham's Arithmetic, Revised: A New System of Arithmetic, on an Improved Charles Guilford Burnham by Charles Guilford Burnham (1857)
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