Definition of Stock of record

1. Noun. Stock held by stockholders of record on a given date.

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Literary usage of Stock of record

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Manual of Statistics: Stock Exchange Hand-book . by Financial News Association (New York, Charles M. Goodsell, Henry E. Wallace (1915)
"... stock of record July 28, 1904, were given the privilege of subscribing at par to the extent of 20 per cent, of their holdings for ..."

2. The Investor's Primer by John Moody (1907)
"... as the dividend goes to the owners of stock of record on the day the books close. EX-INTEREST. This means without interest or not including interest, ..."

3. The Earning Power of Railroads by Floyd Woodruff Mundy, Oliphant, Jas. H., & Co (1910)
"... the second preferred stock in scrip, payable November 1, 1917, viz.; 2% to stock of record October 10, 1907, and 2% to stock of record April 10, 1908. ..."

4. Economic Legislation of All the States: The Law of Incorporated Companies by Allen Ripley Foote (1892)
"1ll. 501i. holder of a certificate of part payment, entitling to stock upon payment of balance is. Nev. 1328. holder of stock of record is, between him and ..."

5. A Manual Relating to the Formation and Management of Mercantile and by George Fox Tucker (1905)
"... stock; that each holder of preferred stock of record of this date (April 3, 1905) shall be entitled to one share in the new preferred stock so created ..."

6. The Statutory and Case Law Applicable to Private Companies Under the General by New Jersey, James Brooks Dill (1899)
"... except with the consent in writing of at least seventy per cent, of the holders of such first preferred stock of record on the books of the company. ..."

7. Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1921)
"... and that such dividend shall be paid to the registered holders of certificates of deposit of such preferred stock of record on June 1, 1917, ..."

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