Definition of Stock index

1. Noun. Index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks.

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Literary usage of Stock index

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readings and Problems in Statistical Methods by Horace Secrist (1920)
"THE WHY AND Ho,w OF stock index NUMBERS l In recent years index numbers of ... And the ^-—"stock index numbers have been published in the form that makes ..."

2. OECD Economics Glossary: English-French = Glossaire de L'économie de L'OCDE by Oecd, SourceOECD (Online service) (2006)
"... en douane [COM] stock index indice boursier [FIN] stock index contingent option option conditionnelle sur indice boursier [FIN] stock index futures syn. ..."

3. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1907)
"Method of Keeping a stock index —Its Many Economies and Advantages—Suggestion ... A stock index is indispensable to the best interests of a retail store. ..."

4. Institutional Investors in the New Financial Landscape by H. J. Blommestein, Norbert Funke (1998)
"For example Bagliano and Beltratti (1997) show that in Italy there was no statistically detectable long run relation between the real stock index and a ..."

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