Definition of Strawberry bush

1. Noun. Upright deciduous plant with crimson pods and seeds; the eastern United States from New York to Florida and Texas.

Exact synonyms: Euonymus Americanus, Wahoo
Group relationships: Euonymus, Genus Euonymus
Generic synonyms: Bush, Shrub

2. Noun. Hardy shrub of southeastern United States having clove-scented wood and fragrant red-brown flowers.

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Literary usage of Strawberry bush

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ornamental Shrubs of the United States (hardy, Cultivated) by Austin Craig Apgar (1910)
"ERECT strawberry bush (79) — Euonymus americanus. D. Procumbent to 1 foot. RUNNING EUONYMUS (75) or strawberry bush —• Euonymus obovatus. ..."

2. Biennial Report by Missouri Board of Immigration (1867)
"Euonymus Americana (strawberry bush).—Common in the swamp region of southeast ... Many of our nurserymen sell the Burning Bush for the strawberry bush. ..."

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