Definition of Strawberry tomato

1. Noun. Stout hairy annual of eastern North America with sweet yellow fruits.

2. Noun. Decorative American annual having round fleshy yellow berries enclosed in a bladderlike husk.

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Literary usage of Strawberry tomato

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Vegetable Gardening by Samuel Bowdlear Green (1915)
"... winter savory, sweet marjoram, thyme, sage, and catnip. The Potato Family (Solanaceae),—tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, and strawberry tomato. ..."

2. Plant Names, Scientific and Popular, Including in the Case of Each Plant the by Albert Brown Lyons (1900)
"Cape Gooseberry, Peruvian Ground Cherry, Peruvian strawberry tomato, Husk Tomato, ... of Mexico, Toma- tillo, Mexican Ground Cherry or strawberry tomato; ..."

3. The American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by Charles Anderson Dana (1875)
"... which is known as strawberry tomato, ground and winter cherry, and yellow alkekengi; in England it is called Cape gooseberry, and by the French cerise ..."

4. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1916)
"strawberry tomato. usually with zigzag mostly simple angled setose pubescent sts. ... —The strawberry tomato is an old garden plant, grown for its highly ..."

5. The American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana (1883)
"... and western localities, and is sometimes cultivated as the purple alkekengi, purple strawberry tomato, &c., for its fruit, which is used for preserving. ..."

6. Cyclopedia of American Horticulture: Comprising Suggestions for Cultivation by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Wilhelm Miller (1901)
"The strawberry tomato is an old garden plant, grown for its highly colored bladders. The plant grows 12-18 in. tall. Of easiest culture. ..."

7. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"... those whose tops are injured by a light frost, such as potato, asparagus, strawberry, tomato, and of course all the tropical plants mentioned above (1). ..."

8. The Market Assistant: Containing a Brief Description of Every Article of by Thomas Farrington De Voe (1867)
"Vegetable cherry, ground cherry, raspberry tomato, or strawberry tomato. ... Some again call them the strawberry tomato. Among the new varieties a much ..."

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