Definition of Tankard

1. Noun. Large drinking vessel with one handle.

Generic synonyms: Drinking Vessel

Definition of Tankard

1. n. A large drinking vessel, especially one with a cover.

Definition of Tankard

1. Noun. A large drinking vessel, sometimes of pewter, sometimes with a glass base, with one handle and often a hinged cover. ¹

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Definition of Tankard

1. a tall drinking vessel [n -S]

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Literary usage of Tankard

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Antiquarian (1871)
"THE PEG-tankard. THE following interesting article is reprinted from the March number of the Art Journal, through the kind permission of Messrs. ..."

2. Home Life in Colonial Days by Alice Morse Earle (1898)
"The word tankard was originally applied to a heavy and large vessel of wood ... The plainly shaped wooden tankard, made of staves and hoops and here shown ..."

3. Social New York Under the Georges, 1714-1776: Houses, Streets, and Country by Esther Singleton (1902)
"Asser Levy, a butcher in 1683, was evidently fond of plate. His pieces comprise twenty-two silver spoons, one fork, three goblets, one tumbler, one tankard, ..."

4. A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs: With Illustrative Notes by William Hugh Logan, James Maidment (1869)
"The tankard of Ale ; 3. ... I saw by his face, that he was in good case To go and take share of a tankard of Ale. Lara la re, laru, ..."

5. Journal of the Society of Arts by Society of Arts (Great Britain) (1857)
"tankard, in oxidised silver, relieved by gilding, from an ivory one in the ... Large Italian silver tankard. Crystal and silver gilt tankard, chased. ..."

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