Definition of Three-hitter

1. Noun. A game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only 3 hits.

Exact synonyms: 3-hitter
Generic synonyms: Baseball, Baseball Game

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Literary usage of Three-hitter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Law of Distresses by James Bradby, John Adams (1828)
"... rent-charge, rent-seck, rent of assize, or chief rent; and whether reserved by deed or parol: provided in the case of the three hitter species of rents, ..."

2. Pharmaceutical Journal by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (1869)
"In the three hitter the fungi were discovered in the blood. In the three former Mr. Simon presumed that the fungi were found in the vesicles or pus- tales. ..."

3. The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical by John Britton, Edward Wedlake Brayley, Joseph Nightingale, James Norris Brewer, John Evans, John Hodgson, Francis Charles Laird, Frederic Shoberl, John Bigland, Thomas Rees, Thomas Hood, John Harris (1810)
"... December the twentieth, 1 .v),;, upwards of 10000 persons had died of it within that space. During the three hitter yean ..."

4. The Works of Thomas Carlyle: (complete). by Thomas Carlyle (1897)
"... the name of it: the date of donation is AD 1294; and two of the old Herr's three Hitter sons, we can remark, were successively ..."

5. A System of instruction in quantitative chemical analysis by C. Remigius Fresenius (1870)
"The three hitter points will be readily understood, if it be borne in mind that any alteration in the temperature of a gas, or in the pressure acting upon ..."

6. A Treatise on the diseases of the nervous system by William Alexander Hammond (1886)
"The morbid anatomy of infantile spinal paralysis is to be studied in the spinal cord, the nerves, the muscles, and the bones—the lesions in the three hitter ..."

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