Definition of Tickers

1. Noun. (plural of ticker) ¹

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Definition of Tickers

1. ticker [n] - See also: ticker

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Literary usage of Tickers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Law of Telegraph and Telephone Companies by Sidney Walter Jones (1906)
"We shall very briefly discuss in this chapter, district telegraph companies, and companies furnishing "tickers." District telegraph companies exist in ..."

2. The Work of Wall Street: An Account of the Functions, Methods and History of by Sereno Stansbury Pratt (1912)
"A record, open to public inspection, should be kept by the installing company showing the numbers and location of the tickers. Doubtless local boards of ..."

3. Folio (1882)
"... the actors in " Youth," attbi Theatre, though perfect in their pu " coached " in the tally-ho. Mattio tickers ana Charles a Bogen new play called "Jack. ..."

4. Thomas Gibson's Market Letters for 1907 by Thomas Gibson (1908)
"One may travel from one brokerage office to another and hear the groups around the tickers talking of Harriman, the short interest, the buying or selling of ..."

5. Select Cases on the Law of Torts: With Notes, and a Summary of Principles by John Henry Wigmore (1912)
"... known as tickers, for the purpose of publishing, selling or transmitting through their own tickers, or otherwise disposing of, or using, any of the news ..."

6. The Mechanical Engineer's Pocket-book: A Reference-book of Rules, Tables by William Kent (1898)
"tickers'.—82 Tests, 1819. Ext. in ELTS Contr. 5 inches. 26700 68057 28.3 18.4 24146 57928 32.9 84.0 21700 50195 52.7 36.2 tickers'.-78 Tests, 1884. ..."

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