Definition of Ticket line

1. Noun. A queue of people waiting to buy tickets.

Generic synonyms: Queue, Waiting Line

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Literary usage of Ticket line

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the One Hundred Forty-first Regiment: Pennsylvania Volunteers by David Craft (1885)
"... instructed the officers on the [ticket line to have the men deployed as skirmishers and move forward from the right at a given signal. ..."

2. Meeting of the National Telephone Exchange Association by National Telephone Exchange Association (1885)
"The ticket line that caused the development of this particular bell is the case of New York Central ticket agents scattered all over the city, who, ..."

3. Trailing the Bolsheviki: Twelve Thousand Miles with the Allies in Siberia by Carl William Ackerman (1919)
"With the special train it is somewhat different. Instead of standing or sleeping in the ticket line for eighteen or twenty hours to purchase a ..."

4. New Hampshire in the Great Rebellion: Containing Histories of the Several by Otis Frederick Reed Waite (1870)
"Bell opened a furious fire from the [ticket line, while another brigade was to charge. There was a blunder somewhere, and the result was a heavy loss and ..."

5. Everyday Manners for American Boys and Girls by South Philadelphia High School for Girls (1922)
"If there is a ticket line, keep in it, and do not annoy people by making them think you are trying to get ahead. Of course you wish to advance as promptly ..."

6. Hearing in the Matter of the Concord Railroad Corporation Vs. George Clough by Concord Railroad Corporation, George Clough, Mason W. Tappan (1869)
"I understand, Mr. White, that you commenced your transactions in the ticket line with Whitcher, some time in 1864, or about that time—was it? ..."

7. Report of the Massachusetts Board to Investigate the Subject of the by Massachusetts (1895)
"A. I could not say,— for some time ; they have a regular ticket line here ; I should say for fully ten years. Q. Do you know whether any more men would have ..."

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