Definition of Toy spaniel

1. Noun. A very small spaniel.

Generic synonyms: Toy, Toy Dog
Specialized synonyms: English Toy Spaniel, King Charles Spaniel, Papillon

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Literary usage of Toy spaniel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors, Including the History and Mangement of Toy by Wentworth (1911)
"... CHAPTER VI HOW TO BREED THE BEST TYPE OF SHORT-NOSED toy spaniel 1 IN breeding for the shortest faces we can get, ..."

2. The Dogs of the British Islands: Being a Series of Articles on the Points of by John Henry Walsh (1882)
"The Maltese claims the following merits as a toy dog, but I am not aware that in any respect they are superior to those of the toy spaniel. ..."

3. Dogdom: Monthly (1920)
"OO Per Year OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE toy spaniel CLUB OF AMERICA OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE AMERICAN TOY DOG CLUB A Monthly Magazine Devoted Exclusively to Dogs, ..."

4. C.S.R. Blue Book of Dogdom (1911)
"The Ruby Spaniel Is the only one of the four varieties of the English toy spaniel that Is of one color—which should be a rich, unbroken red. ..."

5. Dogs and All about Them by Robert Leighton (1910)
"There is another theory advanced, and with some reason that the English Toy Spaniel of the present day derived its origin from the Cocker Spaniel, ..."

6. The Complete Dog Book by William Arthur Bruette (1921)
"The contention that the toy spaniel is descended from the Japanese Spaniel is contradicted by differences in character, as the Jap has more of the ..."

7. American Kennel Register: A Monthly Record (1885)
"toy spaniel Club Scale. THE following scale of points for judging toy ... The symmetry of the toy spaniel is of some importance, but it is seldom that there ..."

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