Definition of Toy chest

1. Noun. Chest for storage of toys.

Exact synonyms: Toy Box
Generic synonyms: Chest

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Literary usage of Toy chest

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Rational Method in Reading: An Original Presentation of Sight and Sound by Edward Gendar Ward, Ellen E. Kenyon-Warner (1908)
"Her sails are not ev^n mois^n^d by the ra|n. 12. "Now I'm re^dy, mamma," Victor went on, a moment later. "The Se^L Gull is safely aneh'Sr^d in my toy chest. ..."

2. The Cruise of the "Janet Nichol" Among the South Sea Islands: A Diary by Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson (1914)
"... and a quantity of mouldy shoes in children's sizes only; among the shoes were a toy chest of drawers and a box of moulting feathers. ..."

3. Romantic Weekends the Carolinas & the Georgia Coast by Norman Renouf, Kathy Renouf (1999)
"... double recliners ($239-$259), folding rope footstools ($49-$54), folding rope bar stools ($169- $179), and even a toy chest hammock ($25). ..."

4. Richard Cadbury of Birmingham by Helen C. A. Dixon (1906)
"Chocolates and sweets were saved, and one of the little girls had a toy chest of drawers full of these trophies in her bedroom, which would^often be counted ..."

5. Tuscan Feasts and Tuscan Friends by Dorothy Nevile Lees (1907)
"She, it appeared, had only been able to secure the toy-chest to build her house with, and consequently one side was gaping open in a most cheerless and ..."

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