Definition of Trading stamp

1. Noun. A token resembling a stamp given by a retailer to a buyer; the token is redeemable for articles on a special list.

Generic synonyms: Item, Token

Definition of Trading stamp

1. Noun. a small paper coupon, given by a retailer to a customer; they may be saved up and redeemed for goods ¹

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Literary usage of Trading stamp

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1905)
"Action by SW Hewin and the Atlanta trading stamp Company against the city of Atlanta. ... The trading stamp company entered Into an agreement with Its ..."

2. The Police Power, Public Policy and Constitutional Rights by Ernst Freund (1904)
"trading stamp Business.61 —The prohibition of the trading stamp business has been declared unconstitutional in several states,62 but has been sustained in ..."

3. Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and Phrases by West Publishing Company (1914)
"The trading stamp company, having created a demand, in effect, sells to the merchant the right to supply this demand, and to issue to his customers stamps ..."

4. The Canadian Law Times by Judicial Committee, Great Britain, Privy Council (1901)
"Nor shall such person so doing business in the city of Halifax take or have in his possession any such trading stamp * * • Nor shall any vendor give, sell, ..."

5. The Canada Law Journal by Law Society of Upper Canada, William S. Hein & Company, Canadian Bar Association (1900)
"When the customer has accumulated the book full of trading stamps, about 990, he is entitled to receive from the trading stamp Co. a premium in goods of ..."

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