Definition of Traditional knowledge

1. Noun. Knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote. "Early peoples passed on plant and animal lore through legend"

Exact synonyms: Lore
Generic synonyms: Cognitive Content, Content, Mental Object
Specialized synonyms: Old Wives' Tale, Folklore

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Literary usage of Traditional knowledge

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Concepts and Cases by Julian Inglis (1993)
"In addition to ecology, the study of traditional knowledge is valued in a number of fields. For example, in agriculture, pharmacology and botany ..."

2. Working with Indigenous Knowledge: A Guide for Researchers by Louise Grenier (1998)
"This policy states that traditional knowledge must be incorporated into government actions where appropriate, including decisions about siting diamond mines ..."

3. A New History of the Conquest of Mexico: In which Las Casas ̕denunciations by Robert Anderson Wilson (1859)
"Phoenician vestiges in the British Islands,—Probabilities of their crossing the Atlantic, 514—Argument from analogy, 514—traditional knowledge of American ..."

4. The Biblical Repository and Classical Review. by American Biblical Repository (1833)
"The traditional knowledge of the Hebrew language which has been retained by the Jews, and which is now to be sought, partly in the ancient versions, ..."

5. Diversity, Globalization, and the Ways of Nature by Danilo J. Anton (1995)
"traditional knowledge was not supported by a theoretical framework, but it was rich and diverse. Tribes understood their environment vegetation, insects, ..."

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