Definition of Traditionalism

1. Noun. Strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings.

Exact synonyms: Traditionality
Generic synonyms: Orthodoxy
Specialized synonyms: Academicism, Academism, Scholasticism
Derivative terms: Traditionalist, Traditionalistic, Traditional

2. Noun. Adherence to tradition (especially in cultural or religious matters).
Generic synonyms: Adherence, Adhesion, Attachment
Category relationships: Faith, Religion, Religious Belief
Derivative terms: Traditionalist, Traditionalistic

3. Noun. The doctrine that all knowledge was originally derived by divine revelation and that it is transmitted by traditions.

Definition of Traditionalism

1. n. A system of faith founded on tradition; esp., the doctrine that all religious faith is to be based solely upon what is delivered from competent authority, exclusive of rational processes.

Definition of Traditionalism

1. Noun. The adherence to traditional views or practices, especially with regard to cultural or religious matters. ¹

2. Noun. A philosophical system which makes tradition the supreme criterion and rule of certitude; the doctrine that human reason is of itself radically unable to know with certainty any truth or, at least, the fundamental truths of the metaphysical, moral, and religious order. ¹

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Definition of Traditionalism

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Traditionalism

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