Definition of Trainings

1. Noun. (plural of training) ¹

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Definition of Trainings

1. training [n] - See also: training

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Literary usage of Trainings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century by Herbert Levi Osgood (1904)
"Saturday.1 The next year, 1632, it was provided that trainings should be held once a month.2 But experience soon convinced the court that this number ..."

2. Proceedings and Debates of the Convention of the Commonwealth of by Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention, Pennsylvania, John Agg (1838)
"They were not the effect of any discipline acquired in our ordinary militia trainings. It was a general remark made by our officers in active service, ..."

3. The Friend of Peace by Noah Worcester, Massachusetts Peace Society (1821)
"LETTER ON THE EXPENSE OF trainings. ' A VALUABLE letter has been received on the expense of military trainings. The gentleman who wrote the letter had been ..."

4. History of the Town of Dunbarton: Merrimack County, New Hampshire, from the by Caleb Stark (1860)
"MILITIA trainings. Militia trainings were once joyous occasions, as well to those on duty as to the crowd of spectators. Men, boys and girls assembled to ..."

5. Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts by George Francis Dow (1913)
"Hoyt, jr., was dismissed from all trainings until such time as he should be cured of his infirmity. Rodger Collins was licensed to set up the stilling of ..."

6. A Sketch of the Early Settlement and Subsequent Progress of the Town of by Thomas W. Poole (1867)
"trainings AND ELECTIONS. During many years the militia of this town and county met annually at Major Anderson's, on the north shore of Rice Lake, ..."

7. Historical Records of the Second Royal Surrey: Or Eleventh Regiment of Militia by John Davis (1877)
"... only Staff Inspected—Training in 1858 — Riot on Catherine's Ilill—Distinction badge conferred on Regiment, 1860 — trainings and Inspections, ..."

8. History of the Town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, from the Date of the Masonian by Daniel Bateman Cutter (1881)
"... RIFLE COMPANY— trainings AND MUSTERS. IN the settlement of this country a military organization was an unavoidable necessity for mutual protection, ..."

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