Definition of Tube wrench

1. Noun. Adjustable wrench for gripping and turning a pipe; has two serrated jaws that are adjusted to grip the pipe.

Exact synonyms: Pipe Wrench
Generic synonyms: Adjustable Spanner, Adjustable Wrench
Specialized synonyms: Chain Tongs, Stillson Wrench

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Literary usage of Tube wrench

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lockwood's Dictionary of Terms Used in the Practice of Mechanical by Joseph Gregory Horner (1892)
"tube wrench.—A pipe wrench (qv). Tubing.—(1) Tubes. (See Tube.) (2) The insertion of tubes in a boiler is called tubing the ..."

2. Locomotive Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms which Designate by George Little Fowler (1906)
"... Screw 155 Spanner Wrench 156 tube wrench 157 Steam Valve Seat 158 Bonnet for Steam Valve Fig. 3094. Hancock Inspirator, Type E. Hancock Inspirator Co. ..."

3. Winston's Cumulative Loose-leaf Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Workedited by Thomas Edward Finegan edited by Thomas Edward Finegan (1922)
"4, Tube-wrench. 5, Monkey- tied plumage, and the habit of holding lf Screw wrench. 2, Tap-wrench. ..."

4. Winston's Cumulative ... Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Bookby Charles Morris by Charles Morris (1918)
"4, Tube-wrench. 5, Monkey- tied plumage, and the habit of holding IT Screw-wrench. 2, Tap-wrench. ..."

5. The Lyon Campaign in Missouri: Being a History of the First Iowa Infantry by Eugene Fitch Ware (1907)
"Then Corporal Bill got a steel tube- wrench and showed me how to burnish the barrel and fixtures. It took me several days to get the gun into a state of ..."

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