Definition of Golgi

1. Noun. Italian histologist noted for work on the structure of the nervous system and for his discovery of Golgi bodies (1844-1926).

Exact synonyms: Camillo Golgi
Generic synonyms: Histologist

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Literary usage of Golgi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Inside the Cell by Maya Pines (1990)
"In 1 898, the Italian scientist Camilla Golgi, who had been studying stained owl and cat nerve cells under his light microscope, saw a cell structure that ..."

2. The Microtomist's Vade-mecum: A Handbook of the Methods of Microscopic Anatomy by Arthur Bolles Lee (1913)
"The two latter, with some other methods suitable for the same or similar purposes, form the subject of this chapter. 809. The Methods of Golgi. ..."

3. An Introduction to the Study of the Comparative Anatomy of Animals: A by Gilbert Charles Bourne, Arthur Bolles Lee (1900)
"NEUROLOGICAL METHODS, AXIS-CYLINDER AND PROTOPLASM STAINS (Golgi AND ... after which will be given the methods of Golgi and some other impregnation methods. ..."

4. The Nervous System and Its Constituent Neurones: Designed for the Use of by Lewellys Franklin Barker (1899)
"THEN followed a series of researches, the majority of which date since the year 1880, and with which the names of Golgi, His, Forel, Kolliker, Ramon y Cajal ..."

5. A Text-book of Histology by Frederick Randolph Bailey (1906)
"In the Golgi silver methods the result of the treatment first with bichromate and ... There are other modifications of the Golgi methods, in which similar ..."

6. Edinburgh Medical Journal (1899)
"Golgi preparation. Tortuous nerves in the lower third of the heart of a cat. ... This, however, is not quite certain, for the capriciousness of the Golgi ..."

7. The Gross and Minute Anatomy of the Central Nervous System by Herman Camp Grodinier, H. C. Cordinier (1899)
"THE CORPUSCLES OF Golgi. A special form of muscle nerve-ending has been described by Golgi and Rollett, and occurs in tendons, particularly near the point ..."

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