Definition of Golf lesson

1. Noun. A lesson in playing golf.

Generic synonyms: Lesson

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Literary usage of Golf lesson

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Longman's Magazine by Charles James Longman (1897)
"'I'll come and give you a lesson,' I suggested. ' Will it be as useful as the golf lesson ? ' ' You really can't fish on dynamical principles,' I urged, ..."

2. Chick Evans' Golf Book by Charles Evans (1921)
"I could not afford professional instruction and I had to meet my problems alone; in fact, I have never had a golf lesson in my life. ..."

3. Practical Instruction in Golf by Launcelot Cressy Servos (1905)
"I come here for a golf lesson. This dress is the latest from Paris, my dressmaker told me so," and she went away, not displeased, or grieved, ..."

4. The Teaching of English in the Secondary School by Charles Swain Thomas (1917)
"A golf lesson. 58. My Experience as a Caddy. 59. Killing Time. 60. Moored on the Mud Flats. 61. An Unexpected Holiday. 62. "It never Rains but it Pours. ..."

5. Maggie's Sauna by Paul E. Furdon (2000)
""I bet you three clowns made complete donkeys of yourselves at the golf lesson last night," Sean said. Gordon Clifford immediately began picking on Lefty, ..."

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