Definition of Golf equipment

1. Noun. Sports equipment used in playing golf.

Category relationships: Golf, Golf Game
Specialized synonyms: Golf Bag, Golf Ball, Golf Cart, Golfcart, Club, Golf Club, Golf-club, Golf Glove, Flag, Pin, Golf Tee, Tee
Generic synonyms: Sports Equipment

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Literary usage of Golf equipment

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. U. S. Industrial Outlook, 1994: Business Forecasts for 350 IndustriesBusiness & Eco (1994)
"golf equipment In 1993, current-dollar domestic shipments of golf ... Imports of golf equipment jumped 20 percent to reach an estimated $554 million, ..."

2. Golf Guide Britain & Ireland 2005 by FHG Staff (2005)
"So whether you're looking to buy the latest top-of-the-range golf equipment to help improve your game, or for an original golfing gift for a friend or ..."

3. Adventure Guide to Bermuda by Blair Howard (2004)
"golf equipment Golf clubs, both left- and right-handed are available at each course. Balls at most leading stores in Bermuda cost between $15 and $60 per ..."

4. Celebrate Life: A Guide for Planning All Night Alcohol & Drug-Free edited by Sharon Murphy (1992)
"TARGET GOLF Equipment: 1 hole golf course, golf club and balls, real or fake money. Object: Hit ball so it lands on a piece of money. ..."

5. The Virginia Handbook by Blair Howard, Mary K. Burnham, Bill Burnham (2005)
"The golf shop offers an outstanding selection of golf equipment, clothing and gifts. ยป 757-538-4100. Boating Portsmouth is Mile Marker Zero on the ..."

6. Bermuda by Don Philpott, George Watkins (2002)
"Apart from your clubs, a camera and lots of film should be essential parts of your golf equipment. The courses also offer challenges that can daunt the most ..."

7. Miami & the Florida Keys Alive! by Lisa Simundson (2001)
"Miami Golf Discount Superstore With 10000 square feet of golf equipment, it's a golfer's paradise. Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Miami Golf is ..."

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