Definition of Golf player

1. Noun. Someone who plays the game of golf.

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Literary usage of Golf player

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Kindergarten Review (1902)
"Most young people know in these days that a golf player must not strike a ball ... A golf player would not think of standing quite close to the tee from ..."

2. Golfers Magazine by United States Golf Association, Western Golf Association (1908)
""Myself and the best golf player of my family have been wrestling with Quien Sabe. Off hand we agreed on nine out of the ..."

3. A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings by John Kay (1838)
"... an excellent golf-player — the following tradition is preserved: — " During the residence of the Duke of York in Edinburgh, that Prince frequently ..."

4. The Bookman (1906)
"Kind regards to the golf-player. As to the paper on bookplates we shall see about it real soon. But the golf- player isn't playing golf any more. ..."

5. Why Worry? by George Lincoln Walton (1919)
"I finally asked a friend what they did in England when a golf player suffered ... He replied that no golf player ever did so; when it occurred among others ..."

6. Course in Foreign Trade by Business training corporation New York (1916)
"The golf-player chooses a particular club for a particular play, ... It is fair to compare to the "one-club" golf- player the business man who employs the ..."

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