Definition of Jimenez

1. Noun. Spanish lyric poet (1881-1958).

Exact synonyms: Juan Ramon Jimenez
Generic synonyms: Poet

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Literary usage of Jimenez

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"PEPITA Jimenez. The publication in 1874 of Juan ... 'Pepita Jimenez' has met favor not only in Spain and in Spanish America, it has been translated into ..."

2. Human Rights in Guatemala During President de León Carpio's First Year by Human Rights Watch/Americas (1994)
"Joaquin Jimenez Bautista traveled to Guatemala from Mexico in late August ... When he arrived at Todos Santos on August 27, Jimenez was detained by members ..."

3. Terry's Mexico: Handbook for Travellers by Thomas Philip Terry (1909)
"From Jimenez via Parral to Rosario. One train daily in 6 hrs. ... Jimenez, p. 33. When the train quits the station it runs parallel to the main line for a ..."

4. Costa Rica by Bruce Conord (2006)
"Puerto Jimenez Tiny, funky Puerto Jimenez, ... three km/1.9 miles outside Puerto Jimenez, with your own guide? ..."

5. The Republic of Costa Rica by Joaquín Bernardo Calvo Mora (1889)
"DON JESUS Jimenez. Senor Jimenez was born June 18, 1823. He was the son of Don Ramon Jimenez and nephew of the illustrious Don Jose Maria Zamora. ..."

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