Definition of Lower-Normandy

1. Noun. A division of Normandy.

Exact synonyms: Basse-normandie
Generic synonyms: French Region
Group relationships: Normandie, Normandy

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Literary usage of Lower-Normandy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A New Universal Gazetteer: Or Geographical Dictionary by Jedidiah Morse, Richard Cary Morse (1823)
"Argentan,** Lower Normandy, on the Orn. It is the birth place of Mezeray. 4 leagues S. Falaise, about 44 W. Paris. Pop. in 1815, 5583. ..."

2. The Pictorial History of England: Being, a History of the People, as Well as by George Lillie Craik, Charles MacFarlane (1841)
"Before crossing the Seine he organized a government in Lower Normandy, and appointed a chancellor and a treasurer. He certainly left this part of France ..."

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