Definition of Meuse

1. Noun. A European river; flows into the North Sea.

2. Noun. An American operation in World War I (1918); American troops under Pershing drove back the German armies which were saved only by the armistice on November 11.

Definition of Meuse

1. Proper noun. (rivers) A river in Europe that flows about 901 km (560 mi) from France through Belgium to the North Sea at the Netherlands. ¹

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Definition of Meuse

1. to pass through [v MEUSED, MEUSING, MEUSES]

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Literary usage of Meuse

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Northern France, from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1905)
"From Paris to (191 M.) Pagny-sur-Meuse, see pp. 134-143. Our line then turns to the S. and ascends the pleasant valley of the Meuse, between partly-wooded ..."

2. The History of the French Revolution by Adolphe Thiers, Frederic Shoberl (1866)
"On the other hand we were masters of all Belgium as far as Antwerp and the Meuse. Moreau had just taken Sluys and returned into ..."

3. Geographical Essays by William Morris Davis (1909)
"The narrow basin of the Meuse lies between the widespreading branches of the ... The slender trunk stream of the Meuse, with hardly a tributary on either ..."

4. The Story of the Great War ...: History of the European War from Official by Francis Joseph Reynolds, Allen Leon Churchill, Leonard Wood, Francis Trevelyan Miller, Austin Melvin Knight, Frederick Palmer, Frank Herbert Simonds, Arthur Brown Ruhl (1920)
"CHAPTER XXX THE ARGONNE-Meuse DRIVE THRESH from its St. Mihiel laurels, ... The Germans were too busily engaged west of the Meuse, where the American attack ..."

5. The Cambridge Modern History by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton Acton, Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero, Ernest Alfred Benians (1909)
"On the evening of August 25, the right of the army of Chalons was some twelve miles nearer Stenay than was the right of the army of the Meuse. ..."

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