Definition of Meuse-Argonne operation

1. Noun. An American operation in World War I (1918); American troops under Pershing drove back the German armies which were saved only by the armistice on November 11.

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Literary usage of Meuse-Argonne operation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The First World War, 1914-1918: Personal Experiences of Lieut.-Col. C. à by Charles à Court Repington (1920)
"Meuse-Argonne operation. The Meuse-Argonne operation consisted of two distinct phases; the first commencing on September 26, and lasting until November 1, ..."

2. History of the World War by Frank Herbert Simonds (1920)
"In discussing the proposed Meuse-Argonne' operation, the French High Command indicated its view "that the Meuse-Argonne attack could not be pushed much ..."

3. The Book of History: A History of All Nations from the Earliest Times to the by James Bryce Bryce, Holland Thompson, William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1921)
"Oct. 20; reassigned to First Army in Meuse-Argonne operation, Nov. 6; recalled to Second Army after starting, Nov. 8; assigned to Army of Occupation; ..."

4. The Story of the Great War ...: History of the European War from Official by Francis Joseph Reynolds, Allen Leon Churchill, Leonard Wood, Francis Trevelyan Miller, Austin Melvin Knight, Frederick Palmer, Frank Herbert Simonds, Arthur Brown Ruhl (1920)
"The further stabilization of the new St. Mihiel line permitted the withdrawal of certain divisions for the extension of the Meuse-Argonne operation to the ..."

5. The Official History of the Fifth Division, U. S. A.: During the Period of by Kenyon Stevenson (1919)
"... 4, First Phase Meuse-Argonne operation; 5, Second Phase Meuse-Argonne operation; 6, Thiaucourt Sector, between September 17-18th and November ll-18th; ..."

6. The New York Times Current History (1920)
"... line permitted the withdrawal of certain divisions for the extension of the Meuse- Argonne operation to the east bank of the Meuse River. ..."

7. A History of the 90th Divisionby George Wythe by George Wythe (1920)
"Again, in the Meuse-Argonne operation, with that indomitable spirit of their pioneer forefathers, the Division drove the enemy from his strongholds on the ..."

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