Definition of Sir Charles Wheatstone

1. Noun. English physicist and inventor who devised the Wheatstone bridge (1802-1875).

Exact synonyms: Wheatstone
Generic synonyms: Artificer, Discoverer, Inventor, Physicist

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Literary usage of Sir Charles Wheatstone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal by Institution of Electrical Engineers Radio Section (1875)
"Sir Charles Wheatstone was distinguished, not only amongst the members of this Society, but throughout the world, as one of the most eminent men of science ..."

2. Chambers's Cyclopædia of English Literature: A History, Critical and by Robert Chambers (1876)
"Sir Charles Wheatstone. In the application of electricity to the arts, CHARLES WHEATSTONE—born at Gloucester in 1802—has been highly distinguished. ..."

3. Great Men at Play by Thomas Firminger Thiselton Dyer (1889)
"... Strangford—De Quincey—Sir William Hamilton—Shelley—Sir Charles Wheatstone —Dr. Adam—Josiah Wedgwood—Earl Liverpool—Sir Charles Bell—Haden—David Allan. ..."

4. Masters of Space: Morse and the Telegraph; Thompson and the Cable; Bell and by Walter Kellogg Towers (1917)
"... IV INVENTIONS OF Sir Charles Wheatstone Wheatstone and His Enchanted Lyre—Wheatstone and Cooke —First Electric Telegraph Line Installed—The Capture of ..."

5. Catalogue of the Wheeler Gift of Books: Pamphlets and Periodicals in the by Latimer Clark, Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, Andrew Carnegie, Michael Francis O'Reilly (1909)
"Cooke, (Sir) W(illiam) Fothergill (1806-1879) & (Sir) Charles Wheatstone. (1802-1875.) Specification of patent of May 6th, 1845, for improvements in ..."

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