Definition of Business firm

1. Noun. The members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments. "He worked for a brokerage house"

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Literary usage of Business firm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire: A Record of by Ezra Scollay Stearns, William Frederick Whitcher, Edward Everett Parker, Lewis Publishing Company, Lewis publishing company, Chicago (1908)
"... forward Morrill and Silsby continued business together until the death of Mr. Morrill, which broke the longest established business firm in Concord. ..."

2. Women Business Owners: Selling to the Federal Government (1993)
"SBA is authorized by law to certify a small business firm with regard to any ... The small business firm is notified of this decision by SBA personnel and ..."

3. The American State Reports: Containing the Cases of General Value and by Abraham Clark Freeman (1894)
"A false and voluntary publication by a commercial agency that a business firm baa assigned, sent to all tbe subscribers of such agency regardless of their ..."

4. The Queensland Law Journal Reports: Cases Decided from 1st of June, 1882, to by Queensland Supreme Court, W. H. Osborne (1898)
"All the members of a business firm joined in a Real Property mortgage to b. to secure £6000 and interest. While the amount was still due, all the members of ..."

5. Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1997: The National Data Book by United States Department Of Commerce, United States Government Printing Office (1879)
"The 1RS concept of a business firm relates primarily to the legal entity used for tax reporting purposes. The 1RS Statistics of Income reports present data, ..."

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