Definition of Business deal

1. Noun. A particular instance of buying or selling. "He's a master of the business deal"

Exact synonyms: Deal, Trade
Generic synonyms: Dealing, Dealings, Transaction
Specialized synonyms: Arms Deal, Penny Ante
Derivative terms: Deal, Deal, Trade, Trade, Trade, Trade

Definition of Business deal

1. Noun. A particular instance of buying or selling ¹

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Literary usage of Business deal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Second Book in English for Foreigners by Isabel Richman Wallach (1910)
"A business deal or transaction is " closed " when the goods bought are paid ... The business deal which is not a sale is closed when both parties to it have ..."

2. Reports of Decisions in Probate by James Vincent Coffey (1909)
"It was purely a business deal, and the colloquy was entirely between respondent and Mrs. Smith, Moxey taking no part in this Conversation, but sitting apart ..."

3. Commercial Spanish by Charles Frederick MacHale (1918)
"... division or section in a business house negociante m. business man, dealer, merchant negociar (to) negotiate, do business, deal negocio m. business, ..."

4. Longer Plays by Modern Authors [American] by Helen Louise Cohen (1922)
"And I'm sorry about the business deal, too. But it's going to come out ... I say the business deal between you and Gordie is going to come out all right. ..."

5. The Cable Game by Stanley Washburn (1911)
"The result is that after a business deal has gone through so many hands, there is not much left for anyone in particular. The tendency is for the man who ..."

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