Definition of Business district

1. Noun. The central area or commercial center of a town or city. "The heart of Birmingham's downtown"

Exact synonyms: Downtown
Generic synonyms: City District
Specialized synonyms: Tin Pan Alley
Derivative terms: Downtown

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Literary usage of Business district

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Civic Art: Or, The City Made Beautiful by Charles Mulford Robinson (1903)
"THE STREET PLAN OF THE business district. ODERN civic art, having fixed certain definite foci, having determined that here shall be the formal entrance to ..."

2. The City: Urban Communities and Their Problems by Alan S. Berger (1978)
"The Central business district and the Future of the City The central business ... Consequently, the vitality of the central business district will be ..."

3. Publication by Cleveland Foundation Survey Committee, National Child Labor Committee (U.S.) (1918)
"CHAPTER III THE INDIVIDUAL DELINQUENTS A. THE DOWNTOWN business district AND THE LAKE SHORE EAST The first district to be considered is the downtown ..."

4. The Law of City Planning and Zoning by Frank Backus Williams (1922)
"No use permitted in a residence district by Section 2641 shall be excluded from a local business district. SEC. 26.43. Uses Prohibited in Commercial and ..."

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