Definition of Capital of Ecuador

1. Noun. The capital of Ecuador.

Exact synonyms: Quito
Generic synonyms: National Capital
Group relationships: Ecuador, Republic Of Ecuador

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Literary usage of Capital of Ecuador

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Capitals of Spanish America by William Eleroy Curtis (1888)
"THE capital of Ecuador. ON the west coast of South America is found the perfection of sea-travel— fine ships, fair weather, and a still sea. ..."

2. Colton and Fitch's Introductory School Geography: Illustrated by Twenty Maps by George William Fitch, George Woolworth Colton (1863)
"What is the capital of Ecuador' ? QH' (kee'to). Nearly under what line is Qui'to situated? The Equator. What is the capital of Peru' ? La (lee'mah). ..."

3. Colton's New Introductory Geography by George Woolworth Colton (1880)
"What is the capital of the United States of Colombia? B—a. What cities on opposite sides of the Isthmus of Panama? A—1, P—a. What is the capital of Ecuador ..."

4. The Literary History of Spanish America by Alfred Coester (1916)
"... greater affinity existed naturally between these two high lying cities than between the capital of Ecuador and its seaport. At the time of the expulsion ..."

5. The Law of Extradition, International and Inter-state: With an Appendix by Samuel Thayer Spear (1884)
"The present treaty shall be ratified, and the ratifications exchanged in the capital of Ecuador, withm two months from the day on which the session of the ..."

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