Definition of Chocolate truffle

1. Noun. Creamy chocolate candy.

Exact synonyms: Truffle
Generic synonyms: Candy, Confect

Definition of Chocolate truffle

1. Noun. A confection having a center of ganache and an outer coating of powdered cocoa or chocolate. ¹

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Literary usage of Chocolate truffle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Georgia and the Carolinas by Norman Renouf, Kathy Renouf (1999)
"Who could fail to be tempted by Grand Marnier chocolate truffle Cake, Milk Chocolate Brûlée or Mascarpone Cream Almond Crisp, at $5.50 each. ..."

2. Rome by Jack Altman, Judith Farr, Barbara Ender-Jones (2003)
"06 687 91 48 Closed Wednesday It may be a touch expensive, but don't resist the temptation to taste the delicious tartufo at c/occo/afo (chocolate truffle) ..."

3. Adventure Guide to New Zealand by Bette Flagler (2005)
"The other options on the menu are just as good and diners are rewarded with a little chocolate truffle at the end of their meal. Lovely wine list. ..."

4. Adventure Guide Virgin Islands by Lynne M. Sullivan (2006)
"You can't beat the White chocolate truffle for a smack of decadence, but Kiss of the Jumbie wins for most irresistible name. If you get confused with all ..."

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