Definition of Cigar box

1. Noun. A box for holding cigars.

Generic synonyms: Box

Definition of Cigar box

1. Noun. a box used for storing cigars ¹

2. Noun. (context: juggling) a square box used as a juggling prop ¹

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Literary usage of Cigar box

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine (1904)
"Many home-made and very primitive kinds of apparatus were employed in the experiments, including the cigar-box with a spectacle 1 i. ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1888)
"... rinc« :i! days when a cigar-box and spectacle lens were used to obtain a image on a sensitive plate. (W. DE V. a work touches on no human interests, ..."

3. The Living Age by Making of America Project, Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (1889)
"One of my pupils brought me down in a large cigar-box a ring-hals slang, ... He struck viciously at the cigar-box held up before him, indenting the wood and ..."

4. Secrets of the Great Whiskey Ring: And Eighteen Months in the Penitentiary by John McDonald (1880)
"... Sylph Dispatch—Louise Hawkins, the Sylph—How Babcock Took Her to His Bosom—An Interview in the Dark—A Remittance to Babcock in a cigar box. Col. ..."

5. Philipp Reis: Inventor of the Telephone: A Biographical Sketch, with by Silvanus Phillips Thompson (1883)
"THE CIGAR-BOX RECEIVER. Later a shallow rectangular wooden box was ... A cigar-box was the actual sounding-box, and the needle was supported within the coil ..."

6. The MAGAZINE of Horticulture, Botany, and All Useful Discoveries and (1850)
"... or cigar box Grape" ? for which they paid five dollars apiece for vines sent by Mr. Longworth, and which proved to be more worthless than the fox grape ..."

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