Definition of Communication trench

1. Noun. A trench that provides protected passage between the rear and front lines of a defensive position.

Exact synonyms: Approach Trench
Generic synonyms: Trench

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Literary usage of Communication trench

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The English of Military Communications by William Addleman Ganoe (1918)
"Lieutenant Dumas penetrated further along the enemy's trench, and soon reached the communication trench which runs, roughly along the dividing line between ..."

2. From Berlin to Bagdad: Behind the Scenes in the Near East by George Abel Schreiner (1918)
"Stop when you get into the next communication-trench at the end of the road." That little spurt was what my Arab wanted. I had great trouble stopping his ..."

3. First Call: Guide Posts to Berlin by Arthur Guy Empey (1918)
"After administering first aid, they place him on the stretcher and carry him to the entrance of the nearest communication trench leading to the rear, ..."

4. Gunner Depew by Albert N. Depew (1918)
"The mouth of the communication trench had been battered in, and the trenches it joined with were all filled up. There were rifles sticking out of them in ..."

5. Hunting the Hun by Ernest Gregory Odell, James Belton (1918)
"The Aux Reitz communication trench was what we called an ingoing ... The leading platoon had started up the communication trench—my platoon came next. ..."

6. The Story of the 139th Field Artillery: American Expeditionary Forces by Robert Lowry Moorhead (1920)
"Targets—communication trench 4685. Brandenburg Trench 4384 to 5086, H — 2 hours to H ... Targets—communication trench 5787, Brandenburg Trench 5086 to 5887, ..."

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