Definition of Genus Azolla

1. Noun. A genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae.

Exact synonyms: Azolla
Group relationships: Family Salviniaceae, Salviniaceae
Member holonyms: Azolla Caroliniana, Carolina Pond Fern, Floating Fern, Mosquito Fern
Generic synonyms: Fern Genus

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Literary usage of Genus Azolla

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The London Journal of Botany by Sir William Jackson Hooker (1845)
"... genus Azolla. Three 4to plates, with copious analyses, are given in illustration of the structure of Azolla, and as many of Salvinia. ..."

2. Strasburger's Text-book of Botany by Eduard Strasburger, Hans Fitting (1921)
"The second genus, Azolla, is chiefly tropical, represented by small floating plants, profusely branched, and beset with two-ranked closely crowded leaves. ..."

3. Zoe: A Biological Journal by Townshend Stith Brandegee, Katharine Layne Brandegee (1908)
"The genus Azolla is a small one, but widely distributed. Of the four species usually recognized, tw> are American, viz. ..."

4. South Australia: Its History, Resources, and Productions by William Harcus (1876)
"B. Indigenous in Australia, 1 Genus. , South Australia, 1 Genus, Azolla nibra, R. Br. Extra-Tropical. ..."

5. Text-book of Botany, Morphological and Physical by Julius Sachs (1882)
"In the genus Azolla, which has been studied by Strasburger, the apical cell of the horizontal floating stem which curves upward near its growing end gives ..."

6. The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and by Francis Wall Oliver, Anton Kerner von Marilaun, Marian (Balfour) Busk (1895)
"The other genus, Azolla, resembles a floating, leafy Jungermannia (cf. fig. 396 1, p. 698); it is closely set with tiny leaves, and numerous true roots hang ..."

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