Definition of Genus Bombax

1. Noun. Trees of chiefly South America.

Exact synonyms: Bombax
Generic synonyms: Dilleniid Dicot Genus
Group relationships: Bombacaceae, Family Bombacaceae
Member holonyms: Bombax Ceiba, Bombax Malabarica, Red Silk-cotton Tree, Simal

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Literary usage of Genus Bombax

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Contributions to the Paleobotany of Peru, Bolivia and Chile: Five Papers by Edward Wilber Berry (1922)
"The genus Bombax has about 50 existing species, all large tropical trees and all American except a single African species, a second Australian and about ..."

2. Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People (1878)
"... they are all of the same general character, and are produced by the trees composing the genus Bombax and other genera recently separated from Bombax, ..."

3. Botany for High Schools and Colleges by Charles Edwin Bessey (1880)
"Some East and West Indian trees of the genus Bombax produce an abundance of a similar fibre, which is fine and silky, hence the trees are known as Silk ..."

4. British and Garden Botany: Consisting of Descriptions of the Flowering by Leo Hartley Grindon (1864)
"The flowers of the genus Bombax are among the largest known to botany, measuring in some cases, 18 inches across. ..."

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